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Solar power has been around for decades, but is still rarely seen in commercial settings in the Los Angeles. The tide may be about to turn as the economic climate continues to look challenging for most businesses in LA area, requiring considerable cost saving measures and alternative revenue streams to keep many companies viable.

Commercial solar could be the
answer for many small to large business owners to curtail expenditure and even turn additional profit from producing electricity. Those businesses that install commercial solar systems will find themselves becoming more competitive year on year. They will continue to have to raise the cost of their services and products if raw material and labour costs rise, but will not be forced to do so when energy prices rise. Other businesses without solar power will have no choice to do so every year when energy prices rise.

The rooftop solar PV system was integrated with a reflective white “cool” roof, which was also on view at the rooftop ribbon cutting. The reflective roof not only enhances the efficiency of the building envelope from an energy conservation perspective, saving on air conditioning expenses during the summer months, but also increases the amount of solar production harvest.

LA SOLAR SYSTEMS offers commercial and retail customers that qualify the unique opportunity to take part in an energy program with low pricing.
Whether you are looking to host a solar array on one of your buildings or your entire fleet, you can expect  to benefit  from:

  • Low or no upfront costs
  • Fixed monthly payments equal to or lower than retail energy rates
  • Increased freedom from fluctuating utility rates
  • Faster project implementation
  • Immediate energy savings
  • A fully managed and monitored array
LA SOLAR SYSTEMS offers solar power solutions that are flexible, cost-effective and really simple. That’s because LA SOLAR aims to take the guesswork out of solar. We walk you through the process from inception to completion and allow you to rent  a solar installation that works for your need.
Step 1: Initial Consultation
Evaluation of your electrical usage for 12 monthes and survey the site.  It is our number one goal to bring you efficient and cost effective solar power for many years to come. To achieve this, we incorporate the highest standard of solar power technology of into our assessment.

Step 2: Design & Engineering Our commercial engineers will make use  of laser imaging to plan your solar installation layout.  This technology results in a more exacting design for your solar power system.

Step 3: Finance Project Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is structured to create long term predictable energy cost.  Commercial Solar PPA can enable businesses, schools, governments, and utilities to benefit from predictable, renewable energy.

Step 4: Installation
LA SOLAR SYSTEMS specializes in larger scale Commercial and Utility Scale installations.  We will install your high performance solar electric system and turn on your new clean green energy.

Step 5: Maintenance & Monitor

LA SOLAR SYSTEMS will maintain and monitor your solar power system.


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