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How do solar panels work?
Solar panels (or photovoltaics) are different than solar water heating which uses the heat from the sun.  Solar Electric or Photovoltaic Systems convert some of the energy in sunlight directly into electricity. Photovoltaic (PV) cells are made primarily of silicon, the second most abundant element in the earth's crust, and the same semiconductor material used for computers. When the silicon is combined with one or more other materials, it exhibits unique electrical properties in the presence of sunlight.
Electrons are excited by the light and move through the silicon. This is known as the photovoltaic effect and results in direct current (DC) electricity. 

Where will the solar panels be installed?

Solar panels will be installed on rooftops of city-owned facilities in the sunniest areas of San Francisco (see photos of potential sites).

How much energy will be generated?

City government currently uses 160 megawatts of electricity (this is roughly 15% of the city’s total energy use).  Prop B provides financing for 40 megawatts of clean power from solar panels and wind turbines.

Are solar panels reliable?

Yes.  There are more than 1,000,000 Americans using solar water heaters; more than 500,000 using solar to heat their swimming pools; more than 200,000 homes using solar electric (PV) technology; and more than 350 megawatts of commercial capacity of Concentrating Solar Power are operating today.
PV modules have no moving parts, are virtually maintenance-free, and have a working life of at least 20 - 30 years.

Is our weather appropriate for solar panels?

Yes.  While it is generally true that the sunniest locations generate the most electricity, San Francisco gets more than enough sun for an effective solar program. 
Furthermore, San Francisco is composed of a variety of microclimates and the solar panels will be installed in the sunniest areas of the city.

Do other cities use solar power?

Yes.  More an more cities are looking to solar power as a viable way to diversify their energy supply and address the environmental concerns associated with fossil-fuel burning energy generation. 

We are specialized in Solar Integration and Installation with complete planning, drawing and Implementation of Home energy devices. We are highly qualified with years of professional experience in the fields of Electronic, Electrical and Low voltage, home automation and smart home.

We  do our share to provide our clients with  hard work, honesty and integrity, you do your share to contribute to a free pollution, GREEN living environment.

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FAQ on New Federal Solar Tax Credits.

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